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Onko aikataulun aikaansaamisessa ongelmia? Kun kiire painaa, niin apu on yllättävän lähellä

PlanMan Project is an unique project management software. You can do planning with Gantt-charts or use links between activities similarly as typical project management software do enable. Hierarchical resource pool enables you plan in level of single resource or in upper group level. The same applies to resource charts, graphics and numeric tables. You can plan and monitor costs and income. The duration of tasks can be calculated by resource number/ hours/ utilization rate. This feature can be applied  the other way round: if you put hours to the activity it shows how many resource are needed. Fields can be locked depending the needs. Wicked!

Task duration can be calculated also by amount and works speed (capacity). It means how many pcs, m2, m3, kg, etc. are made in hour or day. The capacity depends from workgroup but also from many other things (site, season, technique etc.). The best capacity can easily be three times better than the worst. Learning should also be noticed - if total amount increases twice will capacity increase about 20%.

Same activities you have in Gantt-chart, you can also have in Line-of-balance -chart (locations in y-axis and time in x-axis). Especially in construction, the activities are repeated across many work areas (block of flats, roads). Particularly, this feature of software is suitable for planning the interior works in block of flats. There the speed of workgroups must be balanced so that work goes on without disorder. In case any activity lines cross, there can be trouble. Software is also suitable for takt planning.

Another solution to connect work and location is work in a map. Map can be opened (requires Internet connection) and every task can be connected to an area on the map.

Monitorin has many great tools such as saving plan to multiple targets or saving actuals to duration, hours, costs, income and amount. Multiple progress lines let the user monitor how actuals do grow up. Actual matrix is a new feature. Example: if tasks have location, they can be put to columns and after that tasks in each location are shown in the same row. When a single task is done, does the task/location-box get crossed. When a task is started, it is highlighted with one line.

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